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Limen Leap Labs is a software laboratory. We solve some wicked problems that affect many.

But we also have another over-arching aim: We are also an atelier.* It is a new kind of mentoring+investment system. We want to take IT startups in India on a path to success. Come, grow a successful startup with each of our intellectual properties.

Come, apply for our cohort

Are you a user of one of our solutions? Start here to get help on any of them. 

*What is an Atelier?

Why should this help startups?

Ateliers were first seen in Paris, France. A master craftsmen would invite young artists to join him, to work and also get mentored...  Hence the word "atelier" -- it means a "workshop" in French. The master would go about his work, and so will the wards (mentees) -- and each would work under their own names. With the master gently guiding them, all from within the same workspace -- usually a loft where everyone shares knowledge and resources.

Here, our founder is like this master crasftman guiding the others. To put it in other words: We are like both investors and mentors combined into one.

But unlike investors who invest money, we invest our own intellectual property in others. Unlike mentors who advise startups from the outside; our founder will actually hop on to the boat of each of the startups (for a few months) and mentor from inside.

We have serious interest in seeing each of the startup made using our IPR succeed!

Apply for our Cohort

What is a cohort? It means a group of motivated individuals with common goals. Before selecting the IPR, we invite you to apply to this cohort for a pre-contract training session conducted by our founder.

Practically, zero setup cost

Before youngsters take a solution from us for their startup, they have to attend one of our cohort workshops. We charge just a small cohort workshop fee*. Eating a simple breakfast at McDonalds for a month will cost more! 

Once qualified; the members of each startup will bear the running costs -- this will vary based on the solution that was picked up to form the startup. The costs would be as per actuals.

We want to attract serious and mature minds, with an unemotional, yet passionate, problem-solving attitude.

*The fee is waived on a case-to-case basis 

No hollow/vague advice

Our founder joins every startup for a few months using a B.O.T. (build-operate-transfer) mechanism. So the mentoring that startups would get here are not hollow or vague, but serious and profit driven.

To reduce confusion, there will not be much need to discuss the technology itself as our solutions are all working (However, we are indeed open to tackling serious exceptions and caveats)

Since we have extensive research that went behind each of our IPR, the chance of wrong arguments coming in are less.

We take royalty+equity, as per mutual discussion

Encourages creativity

Each startup has all the creative freedom to criticize and pivot the solution that is being worked on. Initially, the group would not have a tech co-founder (as our founder would play that role)

Towards the ending of the B.O.T period, the startup would bring in a suitable senior tech person.

Loose tech talk and digressions are avoided. And the startup continues being creative

Opportunity to grow

Each and every startup with us has a very high chance of success. We have studied carefully what would work best for us Indians; and what won't.

We are ourselves backed by some of the finest and influential advisors from around the world. So every person in our startups would get well recognized all over. If you put in your sincere efforts, positive results are inevitable! 

Even respectable failures would have very high value! But let us not talk failures here!

Our solutions

We solve some really important problems. These are fully working SaaS or software projects. They will continue to attract users, as our process of encouraging startups continue in the background!

we appreciate your feedback!Change history
Niche B2B, Architecture Vertical

TAD (The Architect's Desktop)
Disrupting the way buildings are designed in developing countries: A simple, yet comprehensive, architecture design system.

Our founder wrote this software for his own architectural practice. It was conceived in 1989, and was improved practically daily. It now is being used many architects of the developing countries.

TAD is a system of practice that is more creative, responsible and fun.

Note: The photo is of a church designed in TAD, at Nerul


A clever, free, read-only email inbox can solve a whole lot of problems! This solution is for both end users as well as businesses. End-users can divert all their no-reply emails they receive into our special free inbox. Thus reducing clutter on their regular email inbox. 

This solution is also for businesses, who want a password-less method of letting people use their respective offerings.

We have an extremely simple API that businesses can use, to tap into those users who use this free Known.Email

B2C and B2B, Knowledge Management

Peer Content
Often when a group of highly capable peers try to generate content, there can be personality conflicts.

Our unique P2P solution allows peer groups to preserve their anonymity and individuality while generating rich content; with very little personality conflicts. 

It is based on "The Delphi Method" of achieivng consensus: Everyone participating in the content development is "masked" and hence, the content that is developed is far richer and meaningful.

A system of hosting parties and receptions in a graphically rich 2D space, for a wide-range of occasions. Such as office/department parties, welcome party, send-offs, birthday parties, brainstorming and so on.

It allows people to group among themselves too.

A sister site: is also available with the same registration, focused for Indian marriage receptions 


A lot of software for learning on the Internet comprises of boring pull-down menus, form-filling and staring at one video for hours together. It does not cater to a memorable learning experience.
We disrupt that with an innovative 2D space where both the gurus and students become avatar; in a game-like enviroment.  They can move in and out of classrooms, and learn as per their needs.

B2B, Remote work
Now all businesses can work on a remote floor (or a set of floors!) on the Internet. A 2D game-like space to help everyone to be contextually aware of each other in an office, and work!

We took a deep look at the way remote working and chatting happens, and we realized that core-architectural concepts can improve remote working a lot.  

B2C/B2B, Daily work ... coming soon!

 A new kind of webhosting platform which does NOT require ANY recurring server costs. Simply because, there is NO server into which the web-files are placed. All files are hosted on the excellent P2P IPFS cloud.

At the same time, our system neatly separates the look of the site from the contents -- so it acts like a simple CMS (Content Management System) Moreover; multiple people can contribute to the contents too using a P2P system.

An elegant system that use QRCodes to manage facilities. 

Generate QRCode, and paste it around your premises to extract direct feedback from all the users. This is extremely useful to continually be in touch with what is going on in any indoor space.

Interior designers can also use it to communicate with their clients in an on-going project. 

B2B, Remote work

An elegant solution to a problem for distributed systems. In a hub-and-spokes model, storing credentials of joining the website is simple because the hub would store them.

But in case of a distributed system, there is no central ownership of credentials. Then what happens? Homing.Space allows people to self-authenticate themselves which is trustable.

Apply for our Cohort

A cohort is a group of motivated individuals with a common purpose: Of creating a world class startup. Our next startup cohort workshop starts on March 1, 2022. It will introduce our IPRs and train each cohort before they zero-in on the type/nature of startup they want to create.

Why is our system of mentoring much better than conventional ones?
Simple: We have lived, breathed and researched the wicked problem that bothered us, before arriving at the solution. So we mentor with full conviction and committment. Conventionally, a mentor really does not have that deep conviction in some outside startup's problem statement that is being solved.                              

Get In Touch

We work online, everywhere. It is quite easy to reach us. If you want us to call you, please send the SMS shown below. Else we are usually online on the live-chat on this site from 11:30am to midnight Indian Standard Time

This photo is that of CIBA (Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration), where the journey of Limen Leap Labs started in 2018 at Navi Mumbai, India

Register with us via a SMS from your phone for a deeper connect. Send this SMS to us.


to +919220592205

When you send the above SMS, you will NOT get a reply. Don't worry, once the SMS reaches us, you will get an email with all details. You will get registered with several of our systems. You can then chat with us and get more details.


APPLY for our cohort

Our first cohort is for ALL people from India interested in creating a startup of their own -- irrespective of our IPR they may be interested in. Refer our forum to know who can apply (link below)

Max capacity: 50

You will get trained by our founder. The objective is to obtain clarity on our IPR and also get a basic understanding of how startups are to be run in India.

It would be an intense online+offline program: 2 hours every day for 30 days. The next cohort workshop will start on Aug 1, 2023 and run till Aug 31, 2023. Browse our forum in order to get more details on the programme, etc. Read also the FAQ there.

The purpose is to get to know one-another and get an overview of our various IPR. We also go thru all the skills and knowledge you would need to run a startup. By the end you would be clear on how many people you need to be in your group, which IPR to use for your own startup and a reasonable roadmap ahead to travel on.