Limen Leap Labs

leaping at worthy wicked problems that are hazily defined

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We are a unique software laboratory. A Limen is the finest threshold of perception -- A place we harness to give lot of simplicity and elegance in our solutions.

We provide SaaS (Software as a service) solutions in several industries; and also for consumers. Many of our solutions are rich, graphical solutions that uses concepts from architecture. Some of the tough topics we grapple with are:
  • Credibility and Authenticity
  • Genuine feedback
  • Privacy protected social networking
  • Remote working
  • Consumer friendly payment
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Each of our solutions reside in its own website so this page does not have much information. We are a transparent organization, and so this website just has this one page. We keep our lessons and much of our internal working open via a discussion forum, which you can join too!
Links to all our solutions, the fine thinking that went into them; are all there

Our W3W location: ///chef.worldwide.poets

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